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When the project started, the village had no electricity supply. Seeing the potential of the project, the national electricity company extended the power line to the site at lowest rate in 2010 as a donation.

This has enabled the surrounding homes, and schools to also be connected to the national power grid.

The  effects are  several small businesses having sprung up, which includes shops, salons, tailoring, and computer services. People used to make travel a distance of 3 miles for photocopy or charging cell phones. Now all the services are found in the village. The project has experienced a major economic growth due to the project.


The village had only a footpath leading to the project site. To enable heavy trucks deliver materials to the site, the project management petitioned the local authority for the road to be expanded. The road was improved enabling vehicles to access the project site more easily. Further, the community can now transport their produce more to the local markets thus contributing to income-generation. The road and a bridge are also marked for further improvement.


The youth in the area were greatly motivated to go to school with the prospect of being employed in community health initiatives. In a village where the people live on less than a dollar each day, going to school is too expensive for many when they feel that there might be no job after schooling. With the hope of working in a nearby health center, a number of youth have decided to pursue more education.

Vocational skills/ School fees.

The construction site provided a training ground for many young men in construction related works. These include: Masonry, electrical, welding, carpentry, sewage and water supplies. Most youth drop out of school after the primary school, and more after secondary school. Without any skills and training, many take to drugs and drinking just to pass time. The construction site provides a place to learn skills and also earn something for food or school fees. When the construction is on, many youths have to be sent away since so many come just to get a chance to work for the project,

Water supply

Currently, the site has rain water collection system, and at times water is pumped from the nearby well. Surplus water is shared with some members of the community. The center has enabled many to get better water supply and improve the water source.

Volunteer Spirit in the community

People have volunteered to carry the bricks in bags over a period to the site. This involves men and women who are in support of the construction of the Fellbaum community Health Center.

FCHC Construction Progress Report February - April 2015.pdf Click the pic To see the latest Developments.